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NASA COMPUTER DIVISION welcomes you. We serve our clients from upgrading current system, troubleshooting and repairs to providing complete hardware solution and System Maintenance afterwards. We believe in that, No job is too big or too small, you ask the questions and we will provide the solutions. Make us your one stop computer shop.

We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Simple steps can be taken to keep system networks and computers functioning at peak performance levels. We are now come up with new looks and more enhanced features. We assist the public and private sector in the maintenance and development of system hardware and software. Our staff is technically very capable and is abreast of technological changes that are occurring on a daily basis. We would like to come in as your "Official Service Providing Company". Our Preventive Maintenance Contract includes;

Hardware Support/Supplies:
Our existing hardware division is highly qualified and capable of undertaking all sorts of complex assignments and providing the highest quality hardware, branded as well as non-branded.

Computer Networking:
We are well versed in the areas of Windows NT, WAN, LAN and Linux. Our qualified staff are experienced in network design, implementation, and testing.

Let us provide the opportunity to prove our selves with all our new and advanced skills and makes you satisfied truly.

We look forward to a healthy prospect in near future.
Best Regards,

- Syed Nusrat Hussain,
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